Geriatric Care Management has many componants. Families have different needs. If you are looking for help planning or organizing the care of an older adult please take a look at the care packages below and contact us directly for a free 30 minute consultation.



Comprehensive Assessment $347.00

Our comprehensive assessment provides an overall view of the client’s current and future needs along with the family’s concerns so that we can advise and plan for the best way to proceed.

This Assessment Includes

• Review of client’s current medical data including:
o Current medical condition
o Past medical history
o Medications – prescription, over-the-counter, even supplements
o Current care level
o Results of recent lab work or diagnostic tests
o Collection of additional medical data as necessary

• Review of client’s current social/economic data including:
o Legal and safety issues
o 3rd party support
o Family support
o Transportation Issues
o Ability of client to comprehend and participate
o Hobbies and socialization preferences, culture, family history

• Review of client’s current financial/legal status including:
o Available income and assets to assist in determining eligibility for financial assistance, affordability of various living arrangements, medication assistance, etc.
o Insurance coverage
o Advanced directives
o Living arrangements
o Durable Power of Attorney
o Guardianship

Our comprehensive assessment helps us fully understand our client’s current and future needs so that we can provide the most effective set of solutions. This may take up to 3 hours to complete.

Individualized Plan of Care $148.00

Your Care Plan incorporates important factors revealed in the Assessment with emphasis on family dynamics, cultural factors, financial assessment, and discussion of patient’s wishes prior to affliction or illness.

Depending on circumstances we facilitate family meetings so that input to care plan is live and all concerned can express their concerns, and attempt to resolve any roadblocks due to disagreement by family members. We review  potential funding sources such as veteran’s programs, caregiver grants, and non-profit benefits, Medicare and Medicaid.  We discuss and compare important options such as home health verses placement into assisted living, board and care, or skilled care.

Finally special consideration is given to progression of illness, declining resources, and long-term goals.

Service Arrangement $68 per hour (30 minute increments)

Once the assessment and care plan is designed and written, we will implement every element of the care plan. This is where expertise is most crucial, as service arrangements and placements are likewise critical. We factor not only price, but quality of care and service. We take into consideration budget constraints and long range goals to find the least disruptive and most appropriate choice of programs and services.

On-going Monitoring $68 per hour (30 minute increments)

Now that the care plan is implemented and service arrangements are made, we will monitor and supervise all aspects of care for out of town families and caregivers. We can supervise specific care elements like hire and supervise home health workers or do periodic checks of care homes and facilities to insure proper care for your loved one. We can hire professional caregivers or agencies. We handle medication management, accompany patient to doctors appointments and liaison between different agencies, doctors, social workers, hospitals, nursing centers, care homes, etc.

• Continuing and spot re-assessments
• Monthly care management
• Liaison for long distance families
• Identify changing and new needs
• Advocacy
• Review medical and safety issues
• Review legal and financial issues
• Referrals to community service agencies and other geriatric specialists
• Coordinate other care providers
• Arrange and/or monitor home services
• Research alternative living arrangements and assist with moving
• Telephone check-in / monitoring
• Private home, assisted living & nursing home visits
• Telephone conferences/consulting
• E-mail correspondence and reports
• Crisis intervention
• Post hospital discharge planning


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